Email Client Changes


With the rollout of Google Apps, settings in your e-mail client program (Outlook, Windows or Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) need to be updated in order to continue to work.  Any Smartphones or other devices used to access e-mail will also need to be updated. Please make the necessary changes by September 30th, 2012

Although we will be migrating to Google's Gmail servers, you will get to keep your existing email address.  To begin using the Google Apps suite of collaboration tools, login with your username and password at: .  You can continue to use your e-mail client program, but a few changes will need to be made to your email client first.  Once you try Google Apps, we think you will be amazed at the powerful applications.

If you prefer to continue using your e-mail client program and require assistance with updating your settings, our Customer Support team is available to assist you at 877-244-2562.

Otherwise, you can find step-by-step instructions on updating your specific mail client at sure to input your email address whenever asked to enter your email address, but do enter server names for incoming and outgoing servers as shown.